QR Codes Change The Way We Play Cards

Bicycle brand playing cards, has developed a new game style played with ‘Jacked Up’ decks in which some of the cards have QR Codes.  The decks will be available in April for the classic games of Solitaire, War and Hearts.  When you scan the QR codes using the Bicycle QR app, it changes rules to the game, putting a cool spin on the classic card games.  The card decks will also include a snazzy phone stand, as seen in the video below!


Visioniz QR Code Business Cards

We’re getting ready to print a new round of business cards for our newly expanded staff. Of course these new cards will include a custom QR code :) and of course the QR code will NOT have a vcard or mecard directly embedded in it lead to a mobile page. The mobile page is essentially a directory of our team, making it easy to follow and get ahold of all our team members. Scan the code below to see our directory page in action!

[caption id="attachment_1701" align="alignnone" width="250" caption="Back Side"]Visioniz Business Card Back[/caption]

Of course we will also be using our print partner, FuseCreates.com


QR Codes Make Gardening Simple

Over the past weekend we decided to take a trip to Home Depot to pick up a few plants with the hope that we could add some life and oxygen to our small city studio. Upon arriving in the gardening section I was pretty surprised to find that Home Depot seems to be one of the few companies using QR codes to their fullest potential, and in the gardening section nonetheless.

Upon scanning the codes the user is taken to a mobile friendly website that is specific to each plant. The mobile site contains a plethora of information geared towards educating the consumer about the plant and how to care for it. I found this particularly helpful as I don’t have much of a green thumb and tend to have pretty bad luck with keeping plants alive.

This is just another great example of QR codes being put to good use. I gained helpful insight into the product that I had purchased and in exchange I will continue to scan and engage with Home Depot QR codes.


Using QR Codes to Track Employee Time – Extended Edition!

We recently posted an article on our parent site, Visioniz, that briefly explained how we use Formstack and QR codes to create a quick and easy to use punch clock system for our team. Through the power of the internet and social collaboration, Formstack’s team saw our post and decided to write a follow up blog on their site that takes our punch clock concept to a new level by implementing an auto submit feature, making clocking in and out using QR codes even simpler!

Here is our original post from the Visioniz blog followed by a link over to the Formstack article on how to implement the auto submit feature!


As our small Denver based team began to grow beyond our primitive time tracking system we were forced to make a choice between using a paid time tracking service (meant for groups larger than our current small army) and developing an in house system that would be both reliable and easy to use.

We decided to try creating our own solution and immediately turned to Formstack for a cost effective form base. Creating the form itself was super simple as we only needed to include a drop down list with each team member’s name and a radio button selector asking if they are clocking in or out.

Formstack also integrates seamlessly with Google docs, allowing us to record the punch clock entries on a spreadsheet and then calculate weekly hour totals in the spreadsheet itself.

After we created the form and hooked it up to our time tracking spreadsheet via the integration settings, we hopped on over to the “Publish” tab and grabbed the mobile form URL. After we copied the URL we went to QRstuff.com and created a high resolution dynamic QR code from the mobile form URL. (Formstack provides a QR code for the mobile version of your form but it wasn’t quite large enough for us to print.)

Once you’ve got a your QR code you can print it out on just about anything. We’ve got it posted around the office so it’s easy for team members to quickly clock in and out with their phones.

If you’re looking for a low cost but effective punch clock system for your startup, this may be the way to go while you’re getting started on a budget.

Click here to continue on to the Formstack post!