Our local Jamba Juice has adopted some beautiful fruit inspired custom QR codes in one of their Denver locations but unfortunately overlooked over a major component of a successful QR code campaign – mobile websites. The two codes (shown below) go to different URLs but both destinations are not mobile optimized and could be much more user friendly with just a few tweaks.

The email opt in page could be stripped down to include only the bare essentials on a nice mobile page. Decreasing the amount of clutter and information would eliminate the need for me to zoom in just to see the form and would increase the likelihood that I sign up.

The fitness tips page is a great idea and the site is well designed but the list would be easier to navigate and use if the page was designed to fit mobile device screens. This again would eliminate the need to pinch and zoom which is the real user experience killer on this page.

Overall a great concept with some really eye catching custom QR codes but the lack of a mobile optimized user experience makes these codes much less effective than they could be.