We here at QRlicious have written about many QR code malls, also known as pop up malls, but this one by e-commerce site Jetshop, in Stockholm’s Central Station takes the cake so far in my opinion.  How is this one different?  They have a central pop-up mall location featuring 16 different stores, including grocery.  Jetshop didn’t stop there, the have pop up malls all over, on add space by escalators, beams and columns, and adds above the tracks.  It almost seems impossible to walk through the train station not buying anything.

While waiting for their train, commuters were able to use their smartphones to scan the QR code of any product at display, only to be redirected to the mobile shop offering the selected product. By selecting color, size and other product details, the shopping process was completed in a minute. All one had to do was go home and wait for the delivery.

Jetshop Superstore, created by Inventa from Inventa on Vimeo.