Watch the video below to learn about NewsFlash, and see my rant below it.

This morning I wake to all these blogs featuring MIT’s new project NewsFlash.  Very cool project, don’t get me wrong, the problem I have is blogs like The Verge headlines “NewsFlash Replaces QR Codes”.  First of all, NewsFlash is only detected by light, from electronic devices.  It can not be printed, so what are you supposed to do with print material?  It is very irresponsible, and unintelligent to not realize how NewsFlash simply can not replace the QR code.  Sure, in the future we may not have print, and everything will be digital, not arguing that, but that is obviously some time away, and QR codes are here to stay until print is dead.  That also brings me to my next point, if its digital, why would I scan it with my phone, wouldn’t a simple link do fine?  Why would I scan something from my phone, thats on a ipad?  I would rather have a link to more content please.  Cool technology, but very stupid implementation, and comparison to QR codes.  Give thoughts.