We decided to try out something new for lunch yesterday. That “something new” was an Indian restaurant called Bombay Bowl, a nice little place wedged between a Starbucks and Jamba Juice in a crowded shopette. Little did I know, there was a pleasant QR code surprise waiting for me inside.

Upon entering I was delighted to see a large poster baring the tagline “Get your curry in a hurry”. The poster also had three distinct QR codes, two of which link you to mobile friendly versions of their Facebook fan page and twitter page. The other code on the poster assists you in signing up for their “eclub”, which I’m assuming is their email list.

At this point I was pretty impressed that Bombay Bowl had chosen to embrace QR codes and display them in their entrance area, but of course I’m still able to find something that could be improved. While the QR codes are large enough to scan from a decent distance and are on a nice white background, I can still see how people who are new to QR codes may pass by the display without taking any action, as there is no direct message telling people to “Scan these QR codes with your smartphone!”. We have to remember that while it may seem obvious to us, we are still in the early adoption phase and there are many who still need to be told to use their smartphones to interact with QR codes.

In addition to the well placed entrance QR codes, I was able to spot another QR code in action. Placed on each table there was a nice sized table tent with a witty phrase about healthy eating and a deep red QR code to match. Upon scanning the QR code, the user lands on a mobile landing page that enables them to find other “Smart Meal” restaurants around them.

This code was well executed but I think sending the user to a mobile website specifically for Bombay Bowl probably would’ve been a more beneficial and engaging experience for both the user and the business.

So what can we take away from Bombay Bowl’s QR code campaign?

The Good News:

  • Multiple QR codes through out establishment
  • QR Codes all went to mobile friendly destinations
  • All QR codes were easy to scan and in well lit areas
  • Ways To Improve:

  • Placing calls to action near the codes could lead to more scans
  • Table tent QR codes could’ve been capitalized on by leading users to Bombay Bowl mobile site
  • Branding the QR codes with the Bombay Bowl elephant would’ve been a nice touch

  • Bottomline:

    An enthusiastic start that could be fine tuned for significantly better results.