Marketers have obviously harnessed the power of the QR code to increase traffic and sales for businesses all over the world, and I always thoughts it is just a matter of time before we start seeing everyday average people using QR codes for their own. From QR id tags to return lost belongings, to QR codes being used in wedding invitations, the average consumer is becoming hooked on QR codes.

There are a few companies out there now producing QR code ID tags to place on items of importance, like a computer bag, or dog tag.  The idea behind this is simple, make a QR code that has your contact information, name, phone number, address etc… Put the QR code on anything you would want returned to you if you misplaced it, like a dog for example.  Hopefully, somebody will scan the code, and contact you to return it promptly.


I have also seen many times now, QR code tattoos. People are seriously doing this. Getting permanent tattoos of QR codes, linking to random pages, videos, maybe a bio on that person. To be honest, I am interested in doing this for myself, except a awesome custom QR code from QRlicious.

One of my favorite ways I have seen QR codes used is in wedding invitations.  et a custom designed QR code inspired by the invitation itself, so as not to clash with the design of the invitation. Then simply link the code to a person mobile landing page that will allow invited guests to RSVP, select meal, get directions, info on the venue and reception, and also post pics of the wedding so people can go to the site after and see some cool wedding pics.