Rock The Vote is a great organization that hosts events all over the US to inspire the younger generation to get active, and vote come election day.  Their newest campaign is brilliant!  They have really took the QR code on T-shirts to a new level.  Rock The Vote has made T-shirts with a QR code on them, when scanned, people can then register to vote right from their phone.  The largest struggle the organization has is getting young people registered to vote, this is their latest attempt in doing so.  I personally think it will work in the end, young people want convenience, they don’t register not because they don’t care about certain issues, but because its looked at as a pain in the ass, young people simply don’t have time in between school, work, social hours and video games to care about voting.  Making it as easy as scanning a QR code, and registering from the comfort of their phone, wherever they may be, may raise the youths vote come this 2012 election.

“Youth in America spend more time online and on social networking sites, via their smartphones, computers and tablets, than they do on any other form of media, so creating a voter registration campaign that reaches young Americans on platforms that they care about and are using most was imperative,” said Amanda MacNaughton, cofounder/chief marketing officer at PromoJam, Los Angeles.

“This Millennial generation makes up nearly one quarter of the entire electorate, and the current voter registration processes in America are difficult to use and antiquated,” she said.

You can get your Rock the Vote T-shirts in Whole Foods, and or

If you like to implement a mobile campaign similar to the Rock the Vote, don’t stress!  It will not cost you a arm and a leg, just contact the lovely staff at QRlicious, and they will be happy to help.