Couple things come to mind when your starting a QR code campaign, how can I brand it, see how many scans the QR code gets, and how can I change the link the QR code directs to?  Good news!  Now you are able to add tracking and dynamic capabilities right from the QRlicious order form.  For a additional charge, you will be able to select 1 year of QR code analytics and dynamic URL capabilities for $99, and the designer working on your custom QR code will set up a QRstuff account, where you will be able to login, and see the scans of your QR code, and change the link destination the QR code links to.  Every account will be able to track as many QR codes as they wish, print and share analytic reports, and other unique QR code features like password protected QR codes, paused QR code campaign options, and any other QR code generation options such as Paypal buy now QR codes, and social posts on Twitter and Facebook.


This is how it works.  Once you select the 1 year of QR code analytics and dynamic URL capabilities for $99 while ordering your custom QR code, the designer assigned to your project will create the account for you, and send you the login info with the final draft of your custom designed QR code.  When you login to your account, you will see your QR code in the history, and any time you need another QR code made, login, generate it, save it to your history and upload it to the QRlicious order form for customization.  To get the most out of your custom QR code, analytics, and dynamic QR codes  are essential to know what works and doesn’t.